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Letter: Wills will represent Rosemount well

To the editor,

As a former city council member and currently serving as a port authority member for 12 years in Rosemount, I have come to appreciate legislators who will roll up their sleeves and understand in detail the issues facing local government. We deal with things that don't fit neatly into political party ideology, but are of deep importance to the people in our communities: public safety, streets, parks, residential, commercial and industrial development along with other important issues.

As I have got to know Anna Wills, it is clear to me that she understands the importance of local issues, and has the type of personality to work effectively with municipal leaders to ensure the best interest of our communities are well-represented in St. Paul.

She will ask good questions, be engaged, listen to her constituents and represent Rosemount, Apple Valley and Coates very effectively.

Please join me in supporting Anna Wills for State Representative in District 57B.

Mary Riley,