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Letter: Wills understands needs of businesses

To the editor,

As a small-business owner for the last 19 years, I have seen how the economy has forced the private sector to deliver the same or better results with fewer resources. There are some people who believe that government can be the answer to our economic problems. However, government can't create prosperity, it can only create an environment that will either foster growth or hinder it. Wasteful spending and overregulation only make it more difficult for each of us to create our own prosperity.

In the private sector, the desire to make a profit forces business owners to constantly reevaluate their expenses and look for ways to be more efficient. No such motive exists in government. For that reason, it falls upon us, the citizens, to demand that our representatives handle the tax revenues of the state with the same care that we ourselves manage our own business or household budgets. After all, it is our money they are spending.

I believe that state House candidate Anna Wills will provide just that type of representation. Anna is endorsed by the MN Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB. She is very supportive of efforts to cut government waste and eliminate redundant agencies and programs. Her top priority is to allow businesses to have the freedom to expand and add more jobs by reducing their tax and regulatory burdens.

I am happy to support a candidate like Anna Wills who understands that more freedom leads to more prosperity for all of us.

Adam B. Hartung,