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Letter: Wills has the right idea on education

To the editor,

I am writing to let you know of my support for our district's candidate Anna Wills running for House of Representatives. Given all the issues we have locally one of the biggest is education. This issue is very important to me as a father. I was home-schooled for part of my education and Anna Wills was home-schooled as well. My oldest son is in public school in Rosemount and as a father I am very concerned about what is being taught to him so I decided to talk to her about it. After speaking with Anna I was reassured by how thoughtful she is on education. Even though Anna was home-schooled she believes in freedom of choice in education, but understands that public schools will be the best choice for most families in our area. She has a common sense approach that we need to find what works in education and not just special interest and bureaucracies. Where public schools work well -- like in our area-- they need to be funded but held accountable for continued excellence.

My family and I are supporting Anna Wills because she is the best candidate for the job!

Jonah Burgoyne,