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Letter: Swanson is better choice for county

To the editor, 

Chris Gerlach resigned from his state Senate seat because he violated campaign finance laws by using taxpayer money to print partisan campaign literature in Senate offices. Now, he thinks he is qualified to be a Dakota County Commissioner?

Gerlach is an ultra-partisan politician who, if he wins, will be earning $55,000 tax payer dollars a year to continue to push an agenda that is not in his constituent's best interests. His ultra right agenda, his membership in the organization, ALEC and his history of benefitting financially from his position of power is why I am voting for his opponent,

Vicki Swanson Vicki has worked as a project manager in the environmental and safety field. She is dedicated to serving her community and working hard to increase employment opportunities in Dakota County. She will come to the commission with a background of experience and a willingness to connect with her constituents. Please cast your vote for honesty and integrity by voting for Vicki Swanson for Dakota County Commissioner.

Janet Rohlf,