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Letter: Support for Kurt Bills

To the editor,

I know both candidates in the race for state representative in 37B. I know they are both good, honest people. For me, choosing between the two comes down to three items in this election.

We need jobs to climb out of our current economic downturn. Kurt Bills not only understands the job creation process, he studies it and educates others about it as an economics teacher. Because of his integrity, reputation and economic acumen business groups such as the state chamber of commerce and the Dakota County Chamber of Commerce are endorsing Mr. Bills. I am voting job creation policies, not job killing tax increases. I am voting for Kurt Bills.

We need less spending at our state capitol, not more deficits and more borrowing. I am done with politicians who think that going further into debt will somehow fix our economy. Kurt Bills has been part of paying down debt in Rosemount by serving on the Rosemount City Council. We, as residents, have seen our taxes go down for two years now. I am voting for responsible budgeting, not adding more debt. I am voting for Kurt Bills.

Lastly, my kids had Mr. Bills as a teacher. I know he's been teaching in public schools for 16 years. Anyone who has had children go through Rosemount High School knows how passionate Mr. Bills is about teaching our kids what's right and what's responsible, in basic economics and spending money. He has poured his heart and soul into many lives in this community. There is a reason Kurt Bills has been asked to give the commencement speech at Rosemount High for the last six years. He speaks the truth, from the heart, and with passion about what matters, our kids and their future. I'm voting for our kids' future. Stand with me, vote for Kurt Bills.

He's not only the right choice but the only choice if you want someone who will work hard to stop taxation and spending that's out of control.

Randy Riley,