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Letter: Support for Jackie Magnuson for school board

To the editor,

For the last 22 years, Independent School District 196 has been guided and served by school board member Jackie Magnuson.

Jackie, who serves also as a director at the state and national school board level, has given our schools an even, effective and efficient style of management. She knows how to direct a school district that is fiscally responsible and maximizes financial resources but it is her deep sense of the history of our community, her solid understanding of students and instruction and her willingness and ability to respond to the needs of district residents which makes Jackie Magnuson so vital to the continued success of our schools. It is difficult to overstate her contributions to our students and teachers and to their achievements in our classrooms and on our fields of competition.

Our academics, sports, arts, test scores, awards and honors garnered by faculty, staff and students all reflect the dedicated and unwavering commitment of Jackie that our school district give quality education every day, in every classroom. Jackie Magnuson has proven what she can and will do for our community. Please join us and vote to re-elect Jackie Magnuson to the ISD 196 School Board.

Doug and Linda


Apple Valley