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Letter: Support for Fay Coggshall

To the editor,

I congratulate Independent School District 196 for its recently announced progress in math and reading scores, and I am hopeful that scores in the more culturally and racially mixed classrooms will improve in the future.

This is why I support Fay Coggshall as a member of the District 196 school board. When elected, Coggshall plans to meet the changing face of our community with a more diverse workforce, one that reflects and is equipped to focus on the needs of our students.

As the parent of former district students, Fay wants to protect our schools from the ups and downs of budget bargaining in government, by protecting our funding. Also, she plans to ensure a safe haven for all of our children to learn, safe from intimidation and harassment.

We are a changing community, and Fay offers a new perspective in dealing with the issues and concerns that often arise with change.

I feel that Fay Coggshall would be an ideal addition to the Independent School District 196 school board in the Nov. 8 election.

Michele Olson,

Apple Valley