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Letter: Some of these things are not like the others

To the editor,

Circle the one(s) that do not fit:

Item 1: a) Rosemount Community Center b) Dakota County Technical College c) Rosemount High School

Answer: c) RHS. Reason: a-b are State of Minnesota-owned; c is owned by city of Rosemount. All are city-zoned public/institutional"

Item 2: a) Rosemount Elementary School b) Shannon Park Elementary School c) Rosemount Middle School d) low-density residential housing

Answer: d) Residential housing. Reason: a-c are public schools; d is privately owned homes. All these schools currently zoned public/institutional will soon be rezoned residential.

Item 3: a) Rosemount City Hall b) Rosemount's Dakota County Public Library c) Rosemount Steeple Center d) Medi-Car Auto Repair e) Terry's Hardware f) Shamrock Animal Hospital g) Celts Irish Pub h) Morning Glory's Cafe i) Simply Massage j) Bella Pizza

Answer: a-c. Reason: City hall, the library and the Steeple Center are all public entities owned by Rosemount taxpayers. d-j are private businesses. a-c are currently zoned public/institutional and will soon be rezoned the same as d-j: downtown/business.

The Rosemount Planning Commission is holding a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 27 at Rosemount City Hall to address the above rezoning issues, which are confusing to me.

This hearing is a continuation of a February hearing which attempted to move all our city parkland from a public to residential rezoning. About 125 Rosemount residents who heard about the proposed switch showed up in protest. Reason? If the city ever got into a financial bind, our parks zoned residential is one step closer to taking them away from us by potentially building housing developments.

The people did convince the city to keep some of our parkland zoning public. This is what happens when people show up. The city can change their mind.

Notice for the March 27 hearing should be in this newspaper. The notice for the February hearing was hidden among hundreds of foreclosures. Why? Apparently this isn't considered front page news. What new rezoning don't they want all residents to know about?

The city says "consistency" is the reason for rezoning. Look back at the beginning of this letter. Do you think consistency is what's really going on here?

Why are more of our public places slated to be rezoned from public/institutional to something easier for the city to do what they want with them? Think about these scenarios:

1) By rezoning city hall from public to downtown/business, the building could potentially be sold to a private business, forcing taxpayers to finance a brand new city hall.

2) Why rezone one high school separate from all other schools? All our public elementary and middle schools are being rezoned from public to residential, while high school(s) remain public/institutional. So they can use different building standards, they say. But, all existing schools are supposedly grandfathered in to the old standards. So, why? Is Rosemount planning on building a brand new really cool state-of-the-art high school? Is futuristic UMore Park High School coming soon? Who's paying for it? Are we?

I suggest every resident come to hearing 2 and demand ... why?

Kathy Klonecky,