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Letter: RHS scene shop is in need

To the editor,

Imagine having to deal with a math class where the desks are falling apart, the projector doesn't work and you can barely read the textbook. All these equipment malfunctions prevent you from learning to your full potential, which is why schools try to prevent this from happening.

However, the equipment in the scene shop at Rosemount High School is deteriorating and no one seems to notice. The scene shop at Rosemount High School should be supplied with adequate equipment in order to continue to produce outstanding shows and for the educational benefits of the performing arts students.

First of all, the scene shop is inadequate because there is not enough room for the technical staff to fully contribute to the process of producing the theatre and dance shows. The materials for prop and furniture building, metal working, and painting and finishing are not well supplied, therefore making it difficult to construct new sets for each show. Also, the space is not used sufficiently. The storage spaces are not large enough and are not organized to efficiently hold all the tools like hammers, c-clamps, vice grips, measuring tapes, drills, bolts, nails, etc.

There are many harms that will arise if the scene shop does not receive adequate materials. These include fewer shows produced each year, lower quality shows and less educational benefits for the students involved in the performing arts. If the technical staff has to keep reusing materials for the shows, then they won't be able to produce as many shows in a year because they're running out of materials to create set designs and props. This will cause lower quality productions because of the overused sets, props, etc. Also, the scene shop provides many educational benefits for the students. Students learn experientially in the performing arts and the quality of the scene shop directly impacts the education of potential directors, actors, dancers and designers. It's an integral part of the theatre and dance programs at Rosemount High School and should not be ignored.

The equipment and materials in Rosemount High School's scene shop are dwindling and the lack of funds given to the performing arts departments will cause lower quality productions and fewer productions each year. Also, students will lose out on the benefits of a fine arts education without a full functioning scene shop.

Imagine what your life would be like without an outlet to express yourself. The performing arts provide this to students who are passionate about theatre, dance, choir, band, etc. It is an essential part of the high school and should be provided with the same adequate equipment as any other department in the school.

Laura Johnson,