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Letter: Preserve the American dream

To the editor,

We live in the United States of America, not a bunch of individual states, each doing their own thing independently.

The Bill of Rights was not part of the Constitution. It was written later, when it quickly became clear that the states not combining resources and pulling together wasn't working.

So when the Republicans now constantly push for individual states' rights, that is in direct opposition of those original guiding documents.

The current political party of Republicans is currently composed of at least four factions. This is important to note, as they are quite diverse:

Libertarians want things the way they were in the mid-1800s, when settlers lived miles apart on self-contained homesteads. They forget that we now have a much larger population, with many shared infrastructures.

Tea Partiers are more difficult to summarize, but appear to be primarily aging hippy types who love their Medicare and Social Security yet refuse to embrace any other government programs.

Reaganites are the moderates of the party. The originals. They continue to deitize Ronald Reagan, who was mild-mannered, polite and congenial, but did nothing to deserve such deep reverence.

He also raised taxes eight times during his presidency, something they like to forget.

The far right neo-conservatives are the bullies of the country. Older wealthy white men who know their days of control are rapidly coming to an end. And they are not going to give in or give up easily. Or with grace. Because they are angry bullies, bigots, racists, obstructionists and fear mongers.

And they know the masses are a lot easier to control when they are not well educated, are ill, poor, and basically just struggling to manage the basics. These guys are in bed with big business, corporate America, and Wall Street and collectively they have spent the past 30 to 40 years carefully positioning themselves -- and candidates, Supreme Court nominees, legal precedent, the courts and so on -- to take over the country at this time. They know if they fail now, they may never have the chance again.

They tout themselves as the fiscal conservatives, yet historically have destroyed the national budget every time they have been in control in Washington. These are the folks who caused the economy to crash, yet have sat on their hands and blamed Obama. They abhor taxes, at least for themselves, send jobs overseas and focus solely on ever-increasing profits for themselves. They are currently sitting on trillions of dollars, which they could invest into the system now to improve things, but instead they are waiting until after the election to do so (so if Romney wins they can say, "See, we told you things would improve with a Republican president!")

These are the same folks who last summer would have let the country fall into default for the first time in history, rather than work with the president in a bi-partisan fashion.

Average Americans are seething. We are all fully aware of what a slippery slope Citizens United is, and how many more useful things could be done with the massive amounts of monies being poured instead into buying this election. All because these white men can't bear to have an intelligent, classy black man in office. If they succeed, they will stop at nothing. Our country as we know it will cease to exist.

We've already taken huge hits and suffered horrific losses. Our republican (small 'r') government, with its democratic (small 'd') processes will disappear forever. We are perilously close to it already.

If you love your country, and what it stands for, and is based on, you need to stand up now.

Make your voice heard. Make your vote count. The United States of America has been the leader of the free world, not due to ever-increasing military force but more importantly due to our humanitarian giving, and our compassion, and our ideals. We have been the land of equal opportunity for all for 236 years. Millions have fled here to have those same opportunities, to escape dictators and violence, to get good educations that provide excellent jobs and incomes that pay for homes and cars and healthcare and quality food. We have all been living the American Dream.

That dream is being threatened now by diabolical, selfish, power-hungry men. We must stop them before they ruin things for everyone. Do not believe their prettily worded claims, or fall for their empty promises. They think they are the smartest guys in the room. They are our biggest threat to future security.

LK Woodruff,