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Letter: Port authority didn't want to listen

To the editor,

I am writing to back up what Kurt Hansen said in his opinion last week. I think that the Rosemount Port Authority doesn't want to listen to residents who say what they don't want to hear.

The port authority thinks they have so much power. Why should they? This commission was not elected.

I think the port authority was hoping that the large faction of residents supporting property rights wouldn't show up at their recent development forum. And they didn't. Is the port authority getting tired of hearing the truth?

I feel like the port authority thinks Rosemount is "Stupidville." I don't think they respect the contributions of our longtime residents and businesses. No wonder why only about 30 people showed up at their forum. Personally, I feel that I can't do any more as a citizen of Rosemount because I wasn't listened to when I spoke up along with hundreds of others. All I can do is write an opinion.

Come on Rosemount, let your voices be heard.

Marilyn Melchior,