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Letter: Plenty to be grateful for in Rosemount

To the editor,

We often hear lip service paid to the idea of gratitude. But what are the things that really do make us grateful?

Here's my list:

I'm grateful for a city council that has wisely managed the city's finances so as to reduce my city taxes several years in a row, while maintaining and/or improving services.

I'm grateful for a police department that does take driving under the influence seriously and keeps our residents safe late at night.

I'm grateful for the Rosemount Town Pages for the great coverage they provide, both in print and online, of what is happening in our city.

I'm grateful for the wonderful schools we have in District 196. Providing an excellent education to our young people is the only way we can assure our future as a healthy democracy.

I'm grateful for Central Park, its amphitheater and trails.

I'm grateful for The Steeple Center and look forward to having its systems upgraded.

I'm grateful that we have dedicated citizens, like Jeff Wilfahrt and Greg Clausen, willing to make sacrifices in their personal lives in order to run for office.

I'm grateful for our business community that is providing jobs and services and products to our benefit. They need our full support. If we're not buying local at every single opportunity, shame on us. Is there a more helpful business than Terry's Hardware? Just sayin' they're my favorite "go to" place for solving my home-related problems.

I'm grateful for the wonderful people who have become my dearest friends and closest neighbors over the past six years I've lived in Rosemount. (Y'all know who you are!)

I'm grateful for having DCTC in our community. What innovation and award-wining leadership quietly going on over there! Congratulations to each and every one of the faculty, staff and students. Nice going, Dr. Thomas!

I'm grateful to know the best is yet to come .

Jeanne Schwartz,