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Letter: Parent has concerns about bullying

To the editor,

I have concerns regarding the bullying that is going on at the school.

My son has been bullied at school repeatedly. Telling a child to go to a teacher, counselor or the office is not enough for these kids. They are not going to do it nine out of 10 times. Where are the resources for these children? Telling these kids not to bully is not enough. It won't stop with that.

My son is being punished for a mistake he made by taking things into his own hands. The punishment is deserved and he is learning that how he handled this matter was inexcusable. But what about these children that have been going after him all this time? He does not deserve this. No child deserves this. He is being picked on for something that is out of his hands. Something he does not deserve.

What about the child next to him that gets picked on because his hair is not how they like it or the girl who is not cool enough? I want to know what is going to be done to handle this. I don't want an answer saying we are handling it. I want results. I want our children safe and educated. They deserve only the best. I only expect the best.

My children and other children don't deserve to be the statistic that is out there. I will not let their voice be unheard.

Jennifer Porter,