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Letter: Obamacare will benefit most

To the editor

A year from now, after the technical glitches have been worked out and the doom and gloom and naysaying has died down, Obamacare will be hugely popular. And that popularity will increase over the years, as growing numbers finally and fully realize the tremendous benefits of having comprehensive healthcare coverage.

The Republicans understand this well. That is why they continue to fight so hard to quash it. They know Obamacare’s success will make the Democrats more popular.

HMO plans originally started under Nixon. In Massachusetts, under the leadership of Republican Governor Mitt Romney, their universal health care program remains very successful and popular. This is true in most other countries in the world now, too. America lags way behind.

The for-profit health insurance companies in the USA have enjoyed double digit profits each year, since the early 1990s. These profits do not go back into the healthcare system, as they would with a non-profit system, but instead go to the CEOs and shareholders. They do not want to give up this money and the grand lifestyles it has provided them.

But Obamacare isn’t a ‘loss’ for them. These insurance companies stand to gain approx. 30 million new paying customers.

The majority of employed Americans get their health insurance from their employers, who pay for the majority of the cost.

Should true costs be ascertained, justified, monitored and improved? Absolutely!

Obamacare will help with that through tracking, price comparisons, elimination of duplicative efforts, and prevention of fraudulent activities.

The poor get their insurance from state Medicaid, which is expanded nationally under Obamacare. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

The blue (Democratic) states have their exchanges up and running. Or refer residents to the federal site. The red (Republican) states have largely refused to do so. In those states, millions of Americans do not yet have comprehensive healthcare available to them, thanks to politics.

These folks need to demand better, and to also vote for different individuals in the next election cycle.

Less than 5 percent of the general population recently received letters from their insurance companies, telling them they are losing their sub-standard policies.

This was an insurance industry move, designed to keep their profits as high as possible by cutting loose some of their potentially more risky and costly patients.

These policies do not include the Obamacare Basic 10 Core Benefits. They do deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, and have extremely high deductibles.

These policies are not worth the paper they are printed on. Once folks understand that, they will be relieved they no longer have them.

Our 24-hour media has played a big role here, too, by focusing on lies and myths and made-up horror stories, instead of on the beneficial and salient program facts.

Is Obamacare perfect? No. Many paid lobbyists added in language that made it too complicated. But it can be tweaked over time.

Some of us worked years to help bring healthcare to the masses. We believe it is a right and are thrilled the time has finally arrived.

The vast majority of Americans will be, as well, once they have comprehensive health insurance and experience firsthand how it improves their lives.

LK Woodruff,