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Letter: No room for negative politics

To the editor,

When I went to my mailbox this past weekend I was upset to find a nasty piece of campaign literature about our State Representative Phil Sterner.  The large glossy postcard was full of negative half-truths and was put together by a group called the Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund. It surprised me that they would attack one of their own, since I know Rep. Sterner is a longtime member of our local chamber and has done so much work for small businesses this year.

I've gotten used to seeing this kind of nasty political mail piling up in my mailbox in October. I don't like it, but I've come to expect it. It usually comes when a candidate gets desperate and feels the need to go negative, or more often, when wealthy special interests decide the only way to protect their agenda is to attack the other side.  But now it appears these groups won't even give us a break from negative ads over the summer.

I hope anyone who gets this negative piece of garbage or the next one that's sure to follow will call Kurt Bills and ask him to tell the GOP and their wealthy St. Paul cronies to knock it off. This is Rosemount.  We make up our own minds here and we don't appreciate this type of negative politics.

Janet Rohlf,