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Letter: Many helped with Rachel Vath's fight

Many of you have followed the story of Rachel Vath, 2010 RHS graduate, since she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 19 in July of last year. On Feb. 9 of this year, Rosemount Town Pages staff writer Emily Zimmer published an article in this paper further telling of Rachel's diagnosis, and the fierceness with which she battles her cancer and all challenges in life.  To assist Rachel and her family with medical costs and other expenses created by this battle, Rachel's aunt Lisa Wieland of Rogers, and family friend Mary Kay Tompkins of Rosemount, organized and recently hosted FIERCE FOR LIFE, a fundraiser to aide in the ongoing expenses Rachel and her family are facing. The fundraiser was a tremendous success, with hundreds of people from Rosemount and around the state in attendance as a showing of love, and to provide both emotional and financial support.

Thank you as well to the 50 volunteers that spent many hours of planning and work at the daylong event!

Rachel and her family would like to express their deeply heartfelt appreciation to all those who organized and attended the FIERCE FOR LIFE Fundraiser that was held on Feb. 25 at the Rosemount VFW. Your support continues to inspire them and make a huge difference in their lives.

In January of this year Rachel completed four months of chemotherapy and related medical/surgical treatments.  She has since been declared cancer free. Rachel has several remaining surgeries beginning in April and is anxiously looking forward to celebrating her 21st birthday this fall and getting back to school and moving forward.  Being so young, she faces many years ahead of survivorship follow-up, and hopes to use this experience to be a help and strength to other young people.

Finally, Rachel and her family would like to thank all those that have, and continue to, generously contribute their time and treasure during Rachel's journey. Your support has allowed Rachel to remain focused on her treatments and healing.  It is impossible to thank every single person individually, please know that every one of you make a huge difference.