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Letter: Legislative survey is now available

To the editor,

I value citizen input on legislative issues and welcome district residents to provide their opinions on key issues by participating in an online survey I am conducting. The survey only takes a few moments to complete but the responses will be of great help to me as we face some rather difficult decisions in St. Paul.

The survey topics range from reforming taxes to K-12 education funding, health care, unions and whether Minnesota should participate in funding construction of a new Vikings stadium. Some of the questions pertain to proposals being offered as part of our Reform 2.0 package of bills. Others are simply geared toward positions on particular issues. There also is a place on the survey to enter comments in case there is a subject I've omitted that is of particular interest to anyone.

It is important to me to remain in close contact with residents of District 37B. I have been conducting personal "office hours" meetings with constituents and this survey is another tool in the toolbox, helping me do my best to serve at the Capitol as a voice of local residents.

Please log on to Bills2012Survey to complete an online version of the survey, or call my legislative office at 651-296-2340 to obtain a paper copy. I will pass along results in the weeks to come. Thank you in advance for participating and, as always, I welcome email regarding any of the issues at

Rep. Kurt Bills,


Kurt Bills is state Representative for District 37B