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Letter: Kurle will make sure council represents public

To the editor,

As a former candidate for Rosemount City Council, it is my pleasure to lend my support and endorsement to Joe Kurle for Rosemount City Council.

Joe will bring a youthful perspective to the council that is tempered with realism rather than idealism. His truly conservative nature and professional background makes him uniquely qualified to sit on the council during challenging times ahead.

When Joe first approached me as Candidate Kurle, I challenged him aggressively about his wish to preserve the "hometown feel" of today's Rosemount. I had seen that first hand in the east metro called "rural character," and watched it twisted into a local government in spite of the people. A spirited exchange between myself and Joe assures me that it will always be a government about the people under his watch.

Joe has the experience to help strike a balance between government and businesses of all sizes to expand the gainful employment base in Rosemount without expanding the tax base as well as hold in check public entities that see our city as a cash cow for financing sustainable boondoggle projects. 

When I ran for council, I ran under the premise of reminding people that "it's your money." I have no doubt that Joe Kurle will be vigilant in protecting our money from spendthrifts and insure that each expense is efficient and accountable to the people and not to special interests.

Please vote for Joe Kurle on Nov. 2.

Steve Lyzenga,