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Letter: Get your facts straight before you write

To the editor,

I do not wish to engage in a public tit-for-tat debate, however, I simply cannot let a fellow citizen once again lead the public of Rosemount down a misinformed path.

In response to Kathy Klonecky's letter to the editor of last week regarding my suggestion of a task force to consider how we might improve the city's economy, I would just like to invite her to get her facts straight before launching into yet another of her diatribes, to which she has subjected the citizens of Rosemount for years.

First, Ms. Klonecky, I am not a member of the city's planning commission. I left that post over a year ago.

Second, I am not a realtor.

I am, like you, a concerned citizen of Rosemount and a taxpayer. What I do understand, and what seems to escape some people, is that without businesses in Rosemount and high-paying jobs, our taxes are likely to increase in coming years, not remain level or decrease as our city government has been able to do for the past couple of years. By the way, Ms Klonecky, I never heard a peep out of you to thank our council for the reduction in your city taxes, but I sure hear a lot of criticism when they did anything you didn't like.

The idea of appointing task forces to think about how to improve the economy of Rosemount does not have to cost anything. These types of task forces call for people to volunteer their time to serve their community. I have served on this type of citizen task force in the past and have never received a dime in exchange for that service. Perhaps you might consider volunteering to contribute something positive yourself to your community, instead of continually haranguing everyone with your negativity. And, Ms Klonecky, I never said a thing about a consultant-run task force. Stop projecting your stuff on others.

And most importantly, before you let your pen run away with you, get your facts straight!

Jeanne Schwartz,