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Letter: Demuth fights for citizens

To the editor,

To the voters of Rosemount, I would like to bring to your attention a matter of direct impact to you, that being the upcoming election of new city council members for our fair community.

It is our responsibility as voters to make educated choices to represent us. It is with that responsibility in mind that I bring to your attention Vanessa Demuth, who is I believe the right choice for Rosemount City Council.

As you may already know, Mrs. Demuth is a long standing resident of Rosemount and for years has been effectively representing all of us on the Rosemount Planning Commission. What you may not know is that Vanessa has also been looking out for all of our best interests in her professional career as a geologist for Dakota County. I have witnessed first hand how Mrs. Demuth fights for what is best for the citizens of Rosemount on issues like the contamination at the former Gopher Ordinance Works, creating a more protective mining ordnance for the UMore mining area, and taking measures to protect our drinking water.

Having a city council member with Vanessa's professional background and her fighting spirit to do what is right, but not necessarily easy, for the citizens of Rosemount is what this town needs. We have some serious growth issues that will require a leader like Mrs. Demuth. Please join me on Nov. 6 and cast your vote for Vanessa Demuth as our Rosemount City Council candidate that will do what is best for the citizens of Rosemount and our children. 

John Gamlin,