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Letter: Current, former teachers support Clausen in Senate race

To the editor,

With the Nov. 6 election quickly approaching, we, the undersigned, are pledging our support to elect Greg Clausen as Minnesota District 57 State Senator. We feel Greg best represents the vision, leadership qualities, and commitment to serve the public interest for the citizens of Senate District 57.

Greg is a tireless leader who leads through open dialogue and consensus building. During his tenure as principal of Rosemount High School, Greg often faced difficult decisions that required identifying key community stakeholders of competing political persuasions. Greg demonstrated significant leadership skills in bringing the interested parties together, listening to their respective positions on an issue and guiding all the parties to consensus. We feel Greg possesses the leadership qualities to break down partisan bickering in the legislature; he will represent the interests of all the district's citizens and fight to support Minnesota's families, workers, college students, business community, and senior citizens. Greg will work to bring fairness to the Minnesota tax code, attract business to the state through initiatives to promote a Twenty First Century economy that encourages technological innovation and job growth, promote clean, renewable energy, and fight to maintain Minnesota's commitment to high quality schools from pre-kindergarten to graduate school.

In addition, Greg will be a strong defender of Minnesota's schools and families. Many of us worked with Greg while he was principal at Rosemount High School. We know firsthand that Greg was an effective leader who never shied away from difficult decisions. He was committed to promoting the interests of all students at Rosemount High School and we know as a Minnesota Senator he will be committed to maintaining Minnesota's tradition of educational excellence for all students in the state.

Because of his ability to facilitate dialogue for effective decision making on wide ranging topics, his leadership skills to reach across the partisan divide, and his vision for a prosperous future for Senate District 57 and the State of Minnesota, we know Greg will make an excellent State Senator who will represent the people of Senate District 57 with honesty, integrity, and determination.

Thomas J. Scott, Steven Albaugh, Jennifer Boldus, LaRae Ellingson, Thomas J. Reinartz, Patricia Drew, Edward Freeman, Rose Gundacker, Veda Kanitz, Steve Olsen, Nancy Storm, Chris Kauffeld, Michael O'Sullivan, Connie O'Sullivan, Liz Erickson, Jason Barbes