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Letter: Clausen is a compassionate leader

To the editor,

I am a teacher at Rosemount High School and have lived in this community for over 30 years and I highly encourage you to vote for Greg Clausen for Minnesota Senate District 57, representing Apple Valley, Rosemount and Lakeville.  Having known Greg for 15 years, I know that Greg is a strong advocate for the middle class, public schools, local businesses and families in our community.  Greg is a proven leader in our community with a record of great success after serving for over 35 years as a teacher, coach, athletic director and principal of Rosemount High School.  Greg is a compassionate leader who has earned my trust and respect for his tireless leadership and perseverance in working to build a better tomorrow for future generations of people in our community.  Greg is not a career politician, but a thoughtful, smart, personable and dedicated caring person who I believe will best represent the issues and interests of all people in our communities. I enthusiastically urge you to vote for Greg Clausen for Minnesota Senate District 57.

Steve Olsen,

Apple Valley

Steve Olsen is a band director at Rosemount High School