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Letter: City's development forum was a waste of time

To the editor,

On April 14, the Rosemount Town Pages newspaper carried a rather minuscule announcement under the category of government meetings. In total it said:  "The Rosemount Port Authority will meet at 5:30 p.m. April 19 at city hall.  The port authority would like residents to attend and to provide ideas on economic development."" Not much of a heads-up from the official newspaper of Rosemount.

When I read this, I thought it was a joke.  The Rosemount Port Authority must think this city is Stupidville not to remember what happened four years ago when the people of Rosemount came and filled city hall, voicing their opinions on this same topic.  A lot of us remember the action of the port authority against the people who took hours away from their busy lives to come and speak up.

We, the business people of Rosemount, were really not good enough in the eyes of city hall, even though several of us have shown excellent progress over the years. 

Having observed and experienced the detrimental actions of city hall over several years, why would those people who wholeheartedly supported our town businesses in the past waste their time again?

We have people at city hall who are not thinking in the best interests of the taxpayers they work for.  We definitely have people at city hall who think they represent the people, but do they really? We even have people at city hall who think that people who come to city hall to voice their opinions at meetings should not be taken seriously. Are the people who stay at home when important, critical issues are being debated, the actual majority who support the elected officials?

 Kurt Hansen,