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Letter: Cat ordinance is wrong place to cut

To the editor,

I strongly disagree with the city council's March 15 decision to no longer prohibit cats from roaming loose in the streets of Rosemount.

I think that it's inhumane to leave stray and runaway cats in the cold, especially when the temperatures are freezing outside. Before this city council decision, stray cats found in the street would be brought to Shamrock Animal Hospital where they would get medical help, all necessary care and a chance to get adopted.

The staff of Shamrock Animal Hospital would donate their time to the rescued animals for the purpose of helping animals, not for financial reimbursement. If the animal was injured, they would perform a surgery to fix the problem and save the animal's life.

I agree with (Shamrock Animal Hospital owner) Dr. Hansen who worries that "few people will be willing to bring strays to shelters, which are several miles away." And I also agree "that the stray cat population will grow over time, since unclaimed impounded animals were spayed and neutered."

Even though there is a demand for cutting spending, I think it's the wrong place to cut the service, and it's a big mistake that the city council made.

Tamara Rakow,