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Letter: Brooks has valuable insight on the teaching profession

As an educator for nearly 30 years, I have witnessed many new fads come and go in the field of education. Smart boards and iPads have replaced blackboards and opaque and overhead projectors. However, these are simply tools that cannot replace the everlasting importance of a great teacher in a successful learning environment.

Chuck Brooks is an exceptional teacher. He "gets" kids; and, in their pressure cooker environment how fortunate are these kids who cross and have crossed his path.

I applaud the decision of the Rosemount Town Pages to include his insight into this very complicated profession. It is not too late to "fix" many of the problems associated with education. I have never regretted my choice to become a teacher; however, I too have found some trends as a teacher and parent troubling. We simply need to really listen and learn in a non-judgmental manner from the best in the profession. We can all learn from reading this new column.

Sheila Condon,


Editor's note:Rosemount High School teacher Chuck Brooks writes a column that will appear weekly on the People page.