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Letter: Bills will watch out for residents' money

To the editor,

I have watched in dismay and disbelief as our state legislators, including Phil Sterner, 37B House Representative, have ignored basic economic principles in continuing to run up our state's deficit with unsustainable spending. The most recent example of this is the outrageous bonding bill passed by the DFL majority in the Minnesota House and supported by Phil Sterner.

Friends and neighbors, we need a representative at the Minnesota legislature who understands a basic economic principle that seems to have escaped Mr. Sterner -- the state cannot spend more than it takes in. Kurt Bills understands that principle and then some.

Kurt's background as an economics teacher at Rosemount High School, as well as his service on the Rosemount City Council and involvement in other various community business activities verify his credentials.

More importantly, Kurt will "walk the talk." He understands that spending on the state level is out-of-control. He knows that the average working person cannot tolerate more taxes. Kurt will demand a fiscally-sound state budget and will work for viable job creation. He will also bring innovative and realistic solutions to the delivery of education.

Kurt Bills represents the values of a majority of voters in district 37B, those being common-sense, fiscal responsibility and an accountable public education system. Compare his platform to Phil Sterner's record. Like me, you will be voting for Kurt Bills on Nov. 2, 2010.

Deborah L. Johnson,