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Letter: Bills' answer is baffling

To the editor,

Clearly, the strength of our economy rides on the backs of our small businessmen and women. 

 That is why I was very interested in an exchange at a recent legislative debate between Representative Phil Sterner and his opponent, Kurt Bills. Sterner carefully laid out the importance of small businesses, his work with the bipartisan Small Business Caucus and its involvement in crafting initiatives to aid small businesses during the current economic downturn.

In response, Bills said, "This is where Phil and I disagree. I don't think we need a business caucus at the capitol.  That's what the chamber of commerce is for."

Really? So Bills would willingly turn over the responsibility and work of elected legislators to paid lobbyists for the chamber of commerce? Would Bills allow these lobbyists and special interests to write and rubber stamp legislation? If Bills doesn't want to actually do work on our behalf if he is elected, then why should anyone vote for him?

First Bills accepted the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a group that wants to abolish all corporate and business taxes.  Then Judy Lindsay publicly says that a vote for Kurt Bills is exactly like a vote for her. And now Bills says he is willing to turn over legislative duties to paid lobbyists and corporate special interests.  This is a troubling trend, and it makes me want to return Phil Sterner -- an independent thinker who takes his responsibility to his community seriously -- to the Minnesota House of Representatives more than ever.

Kevin Clague,