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Fire truck pull was a success

Rosemount police officer Jason Waage pulled a fire truck 100 feet Sunday night as part of a fundraiser for police department employee Shelly Milton. Milton was diagnosed in Feburary with an aggressive form of breast cancer.2 / 3
Rosemount police officer Jason Waage made a practice run Monday in preparation for his Sunday night attempt to pull a 50,000-pound fire truck 100 feet. He is raising money to help a Rosemount police employee who was diagnosed with cancer.3 / 3

The first time Jason Waage decided he wanted to pull a truck he was 17 years old and just getting into weightlifting. He was a big fan of the World’s Strongest Man competitions broadcast on ESPN, and one day on a family trip to Tennessee, he told his dad he’d like to pull something really heavy as a fundraiser.

He did his first pull, a 43,000-pound semi, in 2005 to raise money for an orphanage in Africa. He did it again in 2006 with a 48,000-pound truck. Between the two pulls he raised $7,500.

Today, Waage is a Rosemount police officer, and he’s getting ready to do his biggest pull yet.

At 6:30 p.m. July 20, at Camfield Park, Waage will strap himself to a Rosemount fire truck and attempt to drag it 100 feet.

Waage’s been training for the pull, which he’s calling Haulin’ For Hope, since last August, but he didn’t know until earlier this year exactly what he would raise money for. Money raised will go to Shelly Milton, a Rosemount police employee who was diagnosed in February with an aggressive form of breast cancer. A small percentage of the money will also go to the Leprechaun Days committee.

At 50,000 pounds, the fire truck will be a challenge for Waage. But the challenge helps motivate him. It keeps him going back to the gym five days a week, each day focused on a different body part.

“Every day you wake up, you’ve got aches and pains and it’s like, ‘Gotta go, gotta do it,’” Waage said.

Because as much as the training and the pulling hurt, it would hurt more to get there Sunday and not be able to move the truck.

Pulling the truck hurts, too. Waage will probably pop blood vessels near his eyes and in his shoulders and neck where he wears his harness.

It’s all worth it, Waage said, to raise money for a good cause.

Pledges for the pull have started coming in. There is a fund set up at Vermillion State Bank in Rosemount. Anyone interested can turn in money there or donate online at Donations will also be accepted the day of the event.

Waage hopes to raise $1,000 with his pull.

For a full Leprechaun Days schedule, follow this link. 

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