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Family home demolished

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news Rosemount, 55024

Rosemount Minnesota P.O. Box 192 / 312 Oak St. 55024

There’s a hole this week in the line of houses on 145th Street that hasn’t been there for more than a century.


Last week Dick Heinen demolished a house that has stood on the street since 1905.

He’s pretty familiar with the building. He’s lived next door to it for 83 years.

The house belonged to his grandfather, and later to his mother. Heinen grew up in the house just to the west, and since 1967, he’s lived next door on the east side of the house.

“At one time, (the family) owned part of the whole block at the turn of the century,” Heinen said.

After nearly 110 years, though, the house’s time had come. Plans to renovate the building were unworkable.

“After a while, I looked at it as progress,” Heinen said. “The house needed a lot of work, and it wasn’t worth it to fix it up.”

Heinen, who for 35 years worked as a mail carrier at the post office up the road from his home, said he plans to expand his own house into the space created by the demolition. He’s still working on plans.