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Editorial on Faith United Methodist was insensitive

To the editor,

After reading your editorial regarding Faith United Methodist Church, I have to ask the question: Did you talk to anyone who is an actual member of that church before writing this article, or did you just talk to the district superintendent?

The members of the church are hurting and trying to figure out what to do. I feel that you over stepped and talked about and printed something without really doing research or giving thought to what the members are feeling during this very difficult time.

My husband and I have been active members of Faith UMC for 26 years and the way this whole thing was handled really shook us. In fact we removed our membership as we do not want to be associated with a denomination that treats people the way this congregation was treated. No one came to the congregation before it was announced on a Sunday morning that the pastor would be leaving at the end of June and the church doors would be closing. It was announced to the congregation after worship on a Sunday. There was no dialog between the congregation and the powers that be before this was announced.

Just think what this did to members who have been members since birth or have been members for 30-plus years. People are dazed, rattled and hurt that they would be treated in such a callous way. Maybe next time you will think before you write and print such a one-sided article.

Elaine Wikstrom,