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Don’t pay college athletes

To the editor,

The topic of whether or not we pay student athletes at the college level has become controversial as of late. College sports highlight the abilities of thousands of young athletes every year as they are displayed on televisions across the country. Considering the amount of publicity these athletes are receiving, they still should not receive a salary while playing in college.

Student athletes already have their tuition paid for. Tuition can range from $40,000 a year to $100,000. Tuition is not the only free item college athletes receive. According to Jeffrey Dorfman who is a former college athlete and a contributor to Forbes, athletes are given scholarships of $50,000 to $125,000 per year depending on their sport. This scholarship will pay for professional training, strength training, education, room, board and coaching.

A recent article published by Forbes in August of this year demonstrated the impossibility of paying student athletes. Out of all 228 Division I colleges, only 23 had a surplus of money in 2012. Even simply giving the option to pay student athletes can have crippling effects on other non-revenue sports. According to Forbes, colleges would begin to lose money to pay student athletes and have to increase tuition in order to keep up with student salaries.

Colleges already give athletes enormous incentives for playing a sport in college. To offer a paycheck on top of free tuition is ludicrous. As a student in college having to put my entire savings account on the line for my education, I’d hate to be forced to pay even more for schooling because my college has to make up the funds to pay for our football team.

Justin Storeby,