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Approve the teen club as soon as possible

To the Editor:

We are an intergenerational community. Good schools and the new library make us an educated community. With the newly acquired rain garden behind the library, we are also an environmentally friendly community. The hot topic is the proposed Solaris Nightclub in the old Daddy's Diner building.

The City's website says it favors mixed-use projects. So why are they having a problem with this one? How much more mixed-use can you get than a darling daycare center for little kids weekdays, a nightclub for teens ages 16-20 weekends, and other businesses such as a massage establishment that helps everybody feel better--all under one roof. All run by private owners.

From the City of Rosemount website, I read that the vision of Rosemount "attracts people of all ages." So far, they have totally left out teens, people who are young adults. A nightclub for teens fits this vision exactly on the dot. Not only would it provide big amenities in a suburb, but the business has the potential to draw in young people from the suburbs around the area.

Do you in City Hall realize that teens 18 and over are adults?

I myself enjoy going clubbing in the Twin Cities, but who has the time to drive 45 minutes there, stay for 4 hours, then drive 45 minutes home again at 2:00 in the morning! Few parents, like mine, would ever let them drive themselves in a huge city at 2:00 in the morning! A solution to this problem is providing a safe driving and walking atmosphere that allows young people to be able to do something fun close to home.

At the School of Environmental Studies, I learned that the suburbs can become a cage to young people. Without a car at night, or even during the day, the suburbs are boring. With a club, the community is promoting parent-approved activity and a sense of place for their children. Kids need somewhere to have fun. With the current economic crisis, the club would save families gas money, time, and promote emotional security.

As a senior who just graduated from RHS and SES, and as an adult, I am asking that the City approve the proposed Solaris Nightclub asap. I do have a suggestion for the name. I prefer a short name. I'm good with just "Solaris."

Jill Judy