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Dakota Cty Zoning Bd of Adjustment re: Johnson

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 - 11:33pm

The Dakota County Zoning Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing regarding a request for a variance under Section 8 of Ordinance 50: Shoreland and Floodplain Management. The variance will be evaluated using criteria listed in Subpart 8.02 (J) of the Dakota County Ordinance No. 50.
The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, August 22 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 334 of the Dakota County Western Service Center, 14955 Galaxie Avenue, Apple Valley, Minnesota.
The variance request is for property owned by Shawn and Amy Johnson. The property is located adjacent to the Vermillion River in Section 8 of Eureka Township. The property is legally described as: PT OF N 33.03 RDS OF SE1/4 LY W OF E 2200 FT & LYING S&E OF C/L VERM RIVER DES AS FOLLOWS BEG N LINE 124.72 FT W FROM NW COR OF E 2200 FT S3D54M E 49.52 FT S31D58M W 19.59 FT S 6D20M E 36.20 FT S39D E 27 FT S 2D E 57 FT S 45D W 28.30 FT S 73D44M W 50 FT S57D37M W 48.50 FT S 50D 21M W 45.50 FT S 36D35M W 38.60 FT S 3D16M E 70.10 FT S 33D41M W 36 FT S 63D26M W 44.70 FT S 51D 03M30S W 127.42 FT TO W LINE & THERE TERM SUBJ TO HWY ESMNT, Section 8, TWN 113, Range 20. The property address is 8960 235th Street East. The parcel consists of 2.95 acres and is zoned agricultural, with the primary use residential.
The Johnson's are proposing to construct a 40' X 60' post frame building 140 feet from the ordinary high water mark of the Vermillion River. In Section 8 of Eureka Township, the Vermillion River is classified as a tributary river, with a setback distance for structures of 200 feet from the ordinary high water mark. This portion of the Vermillion River is not a designed trout stream.
The Johnson's are requesting a 60-foot variance from the 200-foot structure setback from the ordinary high water mark.
All comments regarding these matters will be heard at the public hearing. Written comments will be accepted via email at, and will be presented as part of the public testimony.