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CITY PROJECT 455 City of Rosemount

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 11:20pm

TIME AND PLACE GENERAL NATURE OF IMPROVEMENTS: Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Rosemount, Minnesota, will meet in the City Hall in the City of Rosemount, 2875 145th Street West, Rosemount, Minnesota, on the 20th day of May, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, to consider objections to the proposed assessments for the following improvements for the 2014 Street Improvements Project, City Project 455:
The 2014 Street Improvement Project includes the mill and overlay and spot curb and gutter replacement on the following streets:
•Shannon Parkway between 145th Street W and Connemara Trail (0.60 miles)
•Covington Avenue between Dodd Blvd and 147th Street W (0.05 miles)
•Crandall Avenue between 147th Street W and Upper 149th St W (0.20 miles)
•Crestview Avenue between 147th Street W and Upper 149th St W and Shannon Parkway(0.17 miles)
•147th Street W between Covington Ave and Crestview Ave (0.13 miles)
•Upper 149th Street W between Crandall Ave and Crestview Ave (0.07 miles)
•149th Street W between Shannon Parkway and Crestview Avenue (0.04 miles)
Additional items included with the project include:
•Median removal on 149th Street, east of Shannon Parkway
•New trail on Shannon Parkway at the following locations:
o141st Court to Dander Court
oDearborn Path to 143rd Street
•Pedestrian ramp improvements
•City striping on existing roadways.
The Council may adopt the proposed assessment at the hearing.
ASSESSMENT ROLL OPEN TO INSPECTION: The proposed assessment roll is on file with the City Clerk and open to public inspection.
AREA PROPOSED TO BE ASSESSED: The area proposed to be assessed for the foregoing improvements is all that area described as the following Parcel Identification Numbers: 341640101010; 101020; 101030; 101040; 101050; 101060; 101070; 101080; 101090; 101100; 101110; 101120; 101130; 101140; 102010; 102020; 102030; 102040; 102050; 102060; 102070; 102080; 102090; 102100; 102110; 102120; 102130; 102140; 102150; 102160; 102170; 102180; 102190; 102200; 102210; 103010; 103020; 103030; 103040; 103050; 103060; 103070; 103080; 103090; 103100; 103110; 103120; 203050; 203060; 203070; 203080; 203090; 203100; 203110; 203120; 203130; in Rosemount, Minnesota, as on file and of record in the office of the County Recorder, Dakota County, Minnesota.
TOTAL AMOUNT OF PROPOSED: The total amount proposed to be assessed is $61,320.00.
WRITTEN OR ORAL OBJECTIONS: Written or oral objections by any property owner will be considered at the hearing. However, as explained below, a written objection is required to preserve a property owner’s right to appeal an assessment to district court.
RIGHT OF APPEAL: An owner of property to be assessed may appeal the assessment to the district court of Dakota County pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 429.081 by serving notice of the appeal upon the Mayor or Clerk of the City within 30 days after the adoption of the assessment and filing such notice with the district court within ten days after service upon the Mayor or Clerk.
LIMITATION ON APPEAL: No appeal may be taken as to the amount of any assessment adopted by the City Council unless a written objection signed by the affected property owner is filed with the Clerk prior to the assessment hearing or presented to the presiding officer at the hearing. All objections to the assessments not received at the assessment hearing in the manner prescribed by Minnesota Statutes, Section 429.061 are waived, unless the failure to object at the assessment hearing is due to a reasonable cause.
DEFERMENT OF ASSESSMENTS: Under the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Sections 435.193 to 435.195, the City may, at its discretion, defer the payment of assessments for any homestead property owned by a person 65 years of age or older for whom it would be a hardship to make the payments. However, the City has elected not to establish any deferment procedure pursuant to those Sections.
SPECIFIC AMOUNT TO BE ASSESSED: The amount to be specifically assessed against your particular lot, piece of parcel of land is shown on the attached letter.
PREPAYMENT: You may prepay the entire assessment to the Treasurer of the City until the assessment roll is certified to Dakota County Property Taxation & Records (which will occur on October 31, 2014); after certification to Dakota County Property Taxation & Records, prepayments of the entire amount remaining due may be made to Dakota County Property Taxation & Records at any time.
NO PARTIAL: The City Council has not authorized the partial prepayment of assessments prior to certification of the assessment or the first installment thereof to the County Auditor.
PREPAYMENT WITHOUT INTEREST, OR WITH INTEREST TO END OF YEAR: No interest shall be charged if the entire assessment is paid by October 31, 2014. At any time after October 31, 2014, the property owner may still pay the entire amount remaining unpaid to Dakota County Property Taxation & Records prior to November 15 of any year with accrued interest to December 31 of the year in which the person makes the payment.
INTEREST RATE: If the assessment is not prepaid by October 31, 2014, interest will accrue on the assessment at the rate of 4.35% or 2 points above the City’s bond rate at the time the assessments are certified to Dakota County Property Taxation & Records, whichever is less. Interest accrues from the date to be specified in the resolution levying the assessment, but not earlier than the date of such resolution. Assessments shall be payable in equal annual installments extending over a period of up to 10 years, the first of the installments to be payable with general taxes for the year 2014, collectible with such taxes during the year 2014.
Dated this 23rd day of April, 2014.
Amy Domeier, City Clerk
City of Rosemount
Dakota County, MN
Auxiliary aids and services are available – Please contact City Clerk at (651)322-2003, no later than May 13, 2014 to make a request. Examples of auxiliary aids or services may include: sign language interpreter, assistive listening kit, accessible meeting location, etc.
5/1 & 5/8.