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In the Matter of the Petition of:
Nationstar Mortgage LLC.,
In Relation to Certificate of Title
No. 145523 issued for land in the
County of Dakota and State of Minnesota
legally described as follows:
Apartment No. C-8 together with 1.104% of undivided Interest in the common areas and facilities, Regency Condominium Homes, a condominium with a post office address of 2009 East 122nd Street, Burnsville, Minnesota; located on the following described land:
That part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 36, Township 27, Range 24, Dakota County, Minnesota, described as follows: The West 660.00 feet of the North 463.1 feet, except the West 235.0 feet of the South 423.0 feet of the North 463.1 feet thereof; And also that part of the West 660.0 feet lying South of the North 463.1 feet, and East of the West 205.65 feet and North of the following described line: Beginning at a point on the West line of the Southwest
Quarter of Section 36, distant 589.4 feet South of the Northwest corner thereof; thence Northeasterly at an angle of 85 degrees 30 minutes to the West line of said Southwest Quarter, to Its Intersection with the East line of the West 660.0 feet and there terminating, according to the Declaration and attached By-laws filed as Document No. 76910 on the llth day of March 1975, and the Floor Plans filed as Document No. 76911 on the llth day of March, 1975, and Amendment to Declaration filed as Document No. 77386, files of Registrar of Tides, Dakota County, Minnesota, as Condominium floor Plans No. 19 which apartment is restricted to use for residential purposes only as more fully set out in said Declarations and Bylaws.
Subject to the Amended and Restated Declaration dated Nov. l, 1990 and registered on March 20, 1991 as Doc. No. 240029.
(and other lands)
Subject to the provisions of the Minnesota Condominium Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 515.
Together with Garage No. 76.
and to parties, if any, in possession of said premises adverse to the Petitioner.
Upon receiving and filing the Report of the Examiner of Titles in the above-entitled matter, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that you and all persons interested, appear before this Court on the 11th day of June, 2014, at 9:00 A.M. in the Dakota County Government Center, Hastings, Minnesota, and then, or as soon thereafter as said matter can be heard, show cause, if any there be, why this Court should not enter an Order as follows:
That the Registrar of Titles, upon the filing with him of a certified copy of this Order, cancel Certificate of Title No.145523 and enter a new Certificate of Title for the land therein described in favor of Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, subject to the memorial of Document Nos. Bk 204/DEEDS Pg 565, 57294, 58871, 76911 and 79015 but free from all other memorials now appearing on the present Certificate of Title, the last of which is Document No. 722374, and free also from the memorial of this Order.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that this Order be served:
(a)at least 10 days prior to such hearing upon the above-named parties residing in this State in the manner provided by law for the service of Summons in a civil action;
(b)it shall be served at least 14 days prior to such hearing upon any of the above named nonresidents by sending a copy of this Order to such nonresident at his post office address, by registered or certified mail, return receipt;
(c)it shall be served upon any party who cannot be found by two weeks published notice and by sending a copy of this Order at least 14 days prior to the hearing by first class mail to such party at this last known address and by sending another copy of this Order at least 14 days prior to the hearing by first class mail to his address as stated on the Certificate of Title if an address is so stated.
Dated: March 25, 2014
Shawn M. Moynihan
Judge of District Court
Approved: James P. O’Connell
Examiner of Titles
By:/s/ James P. O’Connell
Attorney for Petitioner:
Sarah J.B. Adam
Attorney at Law
Schiller & Adam, P.A.
The Academy Professional Building
25 North Dale Street
St. Paul, MN 55102-2227
Attendance is not required at said hearing except to object to the entry of the above described Order.