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Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 11:20pm

The following property will be sold or otherwise disposed of at a private sale open to the
public, to be held at said space at Minikahda Ministorage, 1200 N. Concord St., So. St. Paul, MN 55075, on the 23th day of April, 2014 at 2:00 PM, for cash:
0053 – Mike Kimball, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552465, suit case, boxes, fan, clothes, chairs, pet carrier, rug, table, tennis racket, wine rack, TV, gabs, artwork.
0103 – Chris Meyer, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552466, refrigerator, mini fridge, TVs, tires, display case, poker set, boxes, couch, shop vacuum, totes, cabinets, toys.
0217 – James Cesario II, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552467, mattress, chairs, coffee table, end table, kitchen table, blanket.
0503 – Sherry Robinette, Partial Inventory: Tag # 45522469, chair, mattress, box spring, TVs, mirror, skate board, lamps, totes, fan, toys, boxes, bags.
0515 – Melvyn Allen, Partial Inventory: Tag # 45522470, shoes, sandals, papers, boxes, totes, clothes, bags, fishing pole, cane, pictures.
1058 – David Losen, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633244, totes, boxes, cooler, books, clothes, bags, duffle bag.
1070B – Mario Flores, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552471, lamp, joint compound, tackle box, bag.
1072 – David Mason, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552472, boxes, bags, dresser, air purifier, sword, totes, toys, cross bow, clothes, tackle box, lamp, speaker, TV.
1085 – Rebecca Dunn, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552476, bicycles, table, totes, step ladder, cabinet, dresser, duffle bag, box, tent, floor mats, fan.
1128 – Teresa Nowicki, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633246 desk, table, chairs, decorations, totes, boxes, bags, mop, broom, garbage can, entertainment center, TV.
1149 – Mark Beran, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4126871, hide-a-bed, mattress, bed frame, misc. items.
1153 – Harry Maddox, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552473, TV, bench, bag, back pack, box.
2007 – Janel Bauer, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633219 mini trampoline, portable grill, pots, boxes, bins, sit-up machine.
2071 – Dwayne Blair, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552474, totes, suit case, crib, clothes, toys, TV, boxes, bags.
2092 – Thomas Raymond, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552475, totes, ironing board, games, lamps, microwave, boxes, clothes, hack saw.