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PUBLIC NOTICE Minikahda Mini Storage

Monday, December 30, 2013 - 11:20pm

The following property will be sold or otherwise disposed of at a private sale open to the
public, to be held at said space at Minikahda Ministorage, 1200 N. Concord St., So. St. Paul, MN 55075, on the 15th day of January, 2014 at 2:00 PM, for cash:
0071 – Javonna Davis - C/O Jacques Davis, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633241, table, chair, microwave, dresser, totes, rug, lamp, painting.
0103 – Chris Meyer, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633224, cabinet, TV’s, refrigerator, mini fridge, table, shop vac, clothes, display case, boxes, couch.
0106 – Jeremy Steimer, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633225, furniture, CD’s, bike, boxes, chair, table, dresser, wagon wheel, blinds, lamp, golf clubs, ladder.
1018 – Amber Echols, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633242, TV, microwave, totes, boxes, clothes.
1019 – Susan Andrew, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633243, blinds, TV, clothes, chairs, sink, AC, desk, snow shovels, bed, gumball machine, broom.
1044 - Carlotta Klietz, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633212 bikes, patio table, bins, boxes, a grinch suit, window screens, shelving, rolls of carpet.
1058 – David Losen, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633244, totes, boxes, cooler, books, clothes, bags, duffle bag.
1104 – Renita Velasquez, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633245, boxes, vacuum, aquarium, totes, folding chair, bed frame, mattress, box spring, computer, blender, toaster, cooler.
1128– Teresa Nowicki, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633246 desk, table, chairs, decorations, totes, boxes, bags, mop, broom, garbage can, entertainment center, TV.
1136 – Desi Fuentes, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633247, cooler, table top, dresser, night stand, lamp, clothes, bags.
1149 – Mark Beran, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4126871, hide-a-bed, mattress, bed frame, misc. items.
1183 – Damien Mitchell, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633248, bags, totes, suitcase, duffle bag, books.
1192 – Desi Fuentes, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633249, bed frame, dresser, chair, cushion.
2007 – Janel Bauer, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4633219 mini trampoline, portable grill, pots, boxes, bins, sit-up machine.
3125 – Steven J Schuster, Partial Inventory: Tag # 4552457, table, boxes, bags, microwave, duffle bag, toys, cushions, chair, picture.