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Aldi to expand Rosemount storefront

The Aldi grocery store housed in Rosemount Crossing Center will soon add 2,000 square feet on the north side of the building.

Anthony Nemcek, a city planner in Rosemount's Community Development Department, confirmed the storefront expansion but could not release a building construction date.

In June, the Rosemount City Council approved the addition. The council applied an amendment to the PUD when the grocery store was originally approved to build a store that was 15,000 square feet.

"They are re-striping the parking lot to allow four additional parking spaces, and there are currently 90 parking stalls and there will be four additional stalls," Nemcek said. Handicapped parking space will go from two to four stalls.

"The time frame has not been determined and we have not received any building permit applications yet, but we did give them the approval to move forward with the concept," said Nemcek.