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Joining forces to sell rockstar denim

As recently as four months ago, Barbie Lind did not know Nickie Klosterboer and Kim Ballard personally. But when the three began discussing their business goals at an event they were all participating in, they knew a business partnership in fashion was meant to be. Each of the women had experience in retail, but in a different capacity, which Klosterboer said made for the perfect balance.

“We all three had a dream and passion for what and where we want to take our business to the next level, and all fit so well together,” Lind said.

They landed on the name Rock Star Rebels, fitting for a company that sells denim at county fairs, horse expos, motorcycle rallies, rodeos and dance and cheer competitions across the Midwest. Lind, a former Vault Denim consultant and owner of Get Your Rockin’ Denim On, said many of her clients have been musicians from the national and local music scene.

Rock Star Rebels, located in Rosemount Plaza at 14555 South Robert Trail, is a boutique store that offers designer denim for a 50 to 70 percent savings from prices at big box stores. They also carry some accessories, such as jewelry, belts, hats, shoes, scarves, and home decor.

Though prices range from $25 to $150, Klosterboer said they want to be known as the home of the $39 and $49 jeans and they especially like anything with bling.

“We try to have something for everyone in the family,” Klosterboer said. “When we look good, we feel good.”

The goal, Klosterboer said, is to help women find their style, fit, and inner rock star in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and to help women not only look good, but feel good. Rock Star Rebels, she said, is perfect for moms with young children who want to avoid overcrowded malls, small fitting rooms and lack of customer service.

“Rock Star Rebels will give you that one on one personal fitting and attention you need,” she said.

Lind said the the company also has a strong focus on mobile home wardrobing and fashion parties and events. They offer ladies night events where women can earn free fashion based on host sales. They also offer mobile personal fitting appointments where women can shop from the comfort of their own home.

“We go mobile to your home, office, favorite bar … you name the place and we can come to you for your personal fit, wardrobe experience and shopping fun,” Lind said.

In May, Rock Star Rebels will take part in Rosemount Plaza’s first pop-up market, which will feature local businesses, direct sales vendors, local crafters, and others. Lind said she is excited for the opportunity to showcase her company’s products and take part in a community shopping experience with a fun atmosphere.

To schedule a personal fitting and wardrobe appointment, call Barbie Lind at 651-503-5918. Visit the Rockstar Rebels Facebook page for store hours and to see a list of upcoming events.