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Personal trainers for you dogs

Jason Oberg and Eva Kremer recently started Thriving Tails. The company will offer daily exercise, vacation care and driving services to customers in Dakota County.

Just like humans, dogs need exercise every day. Many don't get it, though, and that's something Jason Oberg and Eva Kremer hope they can help.

The two have started Thriving Tails, a dog care service business that will get your dog out and moving. The two offer a variety of services including pet sitting, appointment services and pet shopping. But their main focus is helping pet owners ensure their pets' health through frequent exercise.

Oberg and Kremer provide daily exercise either through either a neighborhood walk or run for up to one hour. They also offer 15-minute and 30-minute options.

"I love running with dogs," said Kremer, who frequently runs with her own.

Besides the health effects, Oberg said lack of exercise can lead to bad behavior from dogs including chewing, excitability, unruliness and rough play. Daily exercise can mean a better behaved dog which makes for a happier pet owner, he added. Oberg said they reinforce training and instill better social behavior in dogs.

Thriving Tails will also provide vacation care for pets. To help customers feel comfortable they offer several options including coming to your home to care for the pet. Pets can also be cared for at the sitter's home.

Both Oberg and Kremer are longtime dog lovers and experienced animal care providers. Thriving Tails is bonded and insured and Oberg and Kremer are members of the Pet Sitters Association. The two also participate in ongoing education.

"We want people to know we are dependable and trustworthy," said Kremer.

Kremer has wanted to open a dog running business for several years. Kremer and Oberg work together as swim coaches and late last year realized that they both had a similar ambition. The two began working on creating the business in December.

Thriving Tails started accepting clients the first week in February and the two hope to make it a successful business. Both coach swimming in the evening, leaving their days open for their dog business.

To begin, Oberg said they will meet with clients for a consultation to assess their needs and to get a feel for the dog.

To learn more about Thriving Tails visit or call 612-460-8245.

Emily Zimmer
Emily Zimmer has worked as a staff writer for the Rosemount Town Pages since 2007. She has a degree in journalism from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Outside of work, Emily enjoys running, reading and gardening. You can follow Emily's gardening adventures at the Areavoices blog East of Weedin'
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