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Hand in Hand Nanny Agency helps families find the perfect nanny

Sarah McComb and Shara Schmidt started Hand in Hand Nanny Agency.

Sarah McComb and Shara Schmidt have worked as nannies for a long time. Both women know how amazing the relationship between the right family and nanny can be. They also know how the wrong fit can turn into a terrible experience for both.

"We've heard a lot of horror stories," said Schmidt.

With that experience the two women have started Hand in Hand Nanny Agency. Through the business, McComb and Schmidt hope to use their expertise to bring families and nannies together.

The company pairs qualified nannies with families for part-time and full-time, live-in and live-out positions. They will also provide temporary and summer nanny placements.

"We know how good it can be and we want to help others find that," said Schmidt.

As part of their services, the company provides screening of both the nannies and the families to ensure safety for both. For the families, McComb and Schmidt complete an in-home consultation. During the consultation McComb and Schmidt get to know the family and what their needs are.

McComb said their goal is to make the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible. After a nanny is placed, they will check back in with the family periodically to make sure everything is going well.

Hand in Hand recruits and screens nannies. McComb and Schmidt complete thorough background checks of every applicant, including a DMV record check, Social Security verification, criminal background check and sex offender database search.

Schmidt said they will only promote nannies they would feel confident hiring to care for their own children.

For nannies, Hand in Hand helps make connections with families and helps with business details such as contract negotiation and tax forms. Hand in Hand also provides ongoing support and resources for the nannies such as lists of children's activities and lists of other nannies in the area who might be willing to set up play dates.

A play date was actually how McComb and Schmidt met several years ago. Both were working for families in the Eagan area. Looking to set up some play dates, Schmidt called the nanny agency she had gone through for the job and asked if there were any others in the area. They gave her McCombs' information. The two met and became fast friends, as did the kids they were taking care of.

Over time, McComb and Schmidt talked about starting their own agency. This year McComb had a baby and Schmidt got married and they both feel it's time to pursue the idea. Two weeks ago, they started taking applications through their website

"It's gone really well," said Schmidt.

Both women bring their own attributes to the company. Schmidt has a degree in office management and McComb has a masters in forensic science.

Neither intended to make a career out of being a nanny, but when they sought out other careers they both decided they were happier taking care of kids.

Together they have more than 13 years of experience in the industry. Both women still work part time as nannies. However, going forward they hope to make Hand in Hand Nanny Agency their full-time jobs.

For more information on Hand in Hand Nannies visit or call 952-212-8102 or 952-412-0971.