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Seminar aims to explain Social Security

In most cases people don't consider living longer a bad thing. But for those who haven't saved enough for retirement it can become a costly burden.

Social security is available to help, but as Edward Jones consultant Stacey Bartelson knows, it's usually not enough to maintain most people's lifestyles.

"There's usually a pretty big gap," said Bartelson. "I tell my clients that they should prepare to be unemployed for 30 years."

Bartelson will partner with fellow Edward Jones consultant Lucas Blesener to host a free seminar Oct. 5 on how to be prepared for retirement.

During the seminar Bartelson will talk about how to manage retirement income. Furthermore, the seminar will feature Jim Czechowicz, a public affairs specialist for Social Security Administration-Twin Cities. Czechowicz has given Social Security training to thousands of local and national audiences during his 30 years of experience at Social Security.

Czechowicz will talk about when to start receiving Social Security benefits, when to sign up for Medicare, how much can a person earn after retirement and what benefits a spouse is entitled to.

To talk about ways to fill the gaps Bartelson has asked Greg Thompson, a representative from Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, to discuss retirement income solutions.

Bartelson said most people don't know what they need to account for when planning for retirement. For example, Bartleson said a healthy 65 year old will need $430,000 to cover health care costs during retirement.

"It's a big issue. People need to plan better. People need to plan to live into their 80s and 90s," said Bartelson.

While Bartelson anticipates people closer to retirement age will attend, she hopes younger people will attend, too.

"We're going to cover a lot of things people don't know. I hope people of all ages will come and learn about it. The more prepared the better," said Bartelson.

The event will be held at 6 p.m. Oct. 5 at Fireside Restaurant. Seating is limited. For more information contact Jonay Meyer at 651-322-2905.

Emily Zimmer
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