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Port Authority lays out plan to draw business

The city of Rosemount is setting out a formal plan in its drive to bring more business to town.

On April 6 the Rosemount Port Authority took a first look at an economic development implementation plan that sets out quarter by quarter the efforts city employees will make to market Rosemount to businesses. The plan includes preparing a marketing brochure, making visits to businesses and developing contacts with industrial businesses.

City administrator Dwight Johnson said the plan is an extension of something already in place at the city council level.

"I think the port authority wants to be involved and wants to be as effective as they can be in making progress on the development of the city," Johnson said.

Being active is important when it comes to attracting business in a slow economy. Johnson said the city is probably a little bit light on retail businesses even considering the economy, but said attracting business of any kind takes work.

"The general consensus is, over the next year housing might make a little bit of a comeback but commercial real estate is in a difficult position right now," Johnson said.

Johnson said the city will work on networking and spreading the word about Rosemount and everything it has to offer.

Port authority chair Jeff Weisensel said his goal is to provide the retail and service businesses residents want so they don't have to leave town to shop or to go to the doctor. But he said Rosemount has some obstacles to overcome.

"Obviously we're a little to the south and the east of our bigger neighboring cities," Weisensel said. "We've got to try a little harder to present ourselves. There are some nice qualities about Rosemount that we've got to be able to market out there."

The message seems to be getting out to at least a few people. Space has started to fill up in the Waterford Commons building along Highway 3 and a new cellular telephone store opened in recent weeks on County Road 42.

Weisensel said there was good discussion last week about the proposed plan. A final version of that plan, modified based on comments made last week, will come back to the port authority at its next meeting.