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Suzie's Kitchen: A mom and pop shop of her own

Suzie Zick wants to serve the residents of Rosemount real American food. Everything from the burgers to the desserts will be homemade.

Suzie Zick knows a thing or two about restaurants. Her mother ran a mom and pop restaurant when she was growing up. And for the last several years Zick ran the Rosemount Quizno's restaurant.

The sandwich business wasn't as profitable as Zick needed it to be, so with a heavy heart she closed the restaurant down. She still had a deep fondness for her customers in town, though, and she still loved the restaurant business.

Then Zick got an offer she couldn't refuse. A backer offered to help her open a restaurant in the old Dunn Brother's location. The backer put up the money and asked Zick to run it.

"I love to cook and serve people," said Zick. "(And) I always dreamed of having my own place."

With the help she needed Zick set to work on opening Suzie's Kitchen, a mom and pop shop of her own. The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week. During the weekend, the restaurant will offer breakfast and lunch.

Zick filled the menu with American diner classics. Breakfast offerings include eggs, hash browns, pancakes, French toast and omelets. For lunch and dinner the menu features a selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads and soups. Additionally, there will be daily specials that aren't offered on the regular menu.

"We want to keep things simple and real," said Zick. "Everything will be homemade, nothing fake or processed."

The restaurant also will offer a limited menu through the drive-up window. Zick said customers can call ahead and pick up through the window as well.

Zick said making the customers happy is what it's all about and she has even worked that philosophy into the restaurant's motto.

"Our motto is 'Making you feel special, is our specialty,'" said Zick.

Since work began on the restaurant Zick said there has been non-stop interest in what's going on. During the interview for this story a half dozen people stopped into the restaurant to see if they were open and to check out the menu.

"I've been waiting for a restaurant like this to come in here for a long time," said one man who grabbed a menu.

Zick said the buzz behind the restaurant is exciting and nerve wracking. Getting the restaurant ready has taken time and a lot of work.

"A lot more goes into it than you would think," said Zick.

From salt and pepper shakers to which type of French fry to serve, Zick has had to figure out the details of the restaurant.

While stressful at times, Zick said it's also been a lot of fun. Looking forward to getting people through the doors, Zick said she looks forward to seeing some of her former Quizno's customers.

Suzie's Kitchen, 15023 Crestone Ave, will open next week. Hours are Monday through Friday 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.