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Jamm Dance Co.: Grooving their way to a new location

When Angie Olson moved her growing dance school out of Inver Grove Heights and opened a studio in Rosemount Crossing she never dreamed she would grow out of the space.

But it happened and the thriving Jamm Dance Company is bursting at the seams. So Olson and her business partner, Rick Kirchner, decided it was time to expand. The dance school has taken over the space beneath Shamrock Animal Hospital.

The space, which used to be occupied by another dance studio, has sat empty for several years. Olson said it is perfect for their purposes.

"It makes sense for us and it's a beautiful space," said Olson.

For the next year Jamm will offer classes in the old studio as well as the new location. Next August, though, the school will move its entire operation to the new space.

During that time, Kirchner said, they will gradually make some improvements to the new location.

"All the place needs is a coat of paint," said Kirchner.

The school is already offering some of its classes at the new location. So far, Olson said, the students seem to like the space although everyone agrees it could use some more color.

"We want to Jammify it," Olson said with smile. "We want to brighten things up and make it an environment that inspires our dancers."

Jamm Dance Company offers a variety of dance classes including ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, boys only, adult only, gymnastics and more. The school also offers guitar lessons.

The space has three studios built into it and allows Jamm to offer several classes at once.

Olson said she also likes that the space overlooks Central Park.

Olson, who grew up in Rosemount, started with 10 students out of the community center in Inver Grove Heights. In five years her clientele grew to more than 200 students.

Although she wasn't necessarily looking to move to Rosemount, when Rosemount Crossing opened she found the opportunity to good to pass up so she moved her business to town.

Jamm Dance has been located in Rosemount for five years. The school has more than 240 students, seven instructors and two office staff.

Olson has danced for most of her life. She took her first dance lesson when she was 8 years old. Her first experience was not good.

When Olson tried dance again several years later she fell in love with it.

"I think the change of environment and teachers who believed in me made all the difference," Olson said.

Now leading her own school Olson said her first dance experiences influence the ways she runs things.

"Dance is an art that is passed down through generations.... Everything we say has an impact on the kids," said Olson. "We want to give them every avenue we can to achieve their dreams."

For more information on Jamm Dance Company call 651-423-9009 or visit