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Houseworks Construction

After John Ford got layed off in December, he made a decision to take control of his future. So instead of looking for a new job, he started his own company, Houseworks Construction Inc.

"I didn't feel like having my future in someone else's hands anymore," said Ford.

For the last 12 years Ford has worked for several Twin Cities construction companies as a project manager. While he enjoyed the work the layoff has led him back to his love of building things with his hands.

As carpenter Ford can build just about anything. Over his 35 year career he has, in fact, built just about everything. With those skills he hopes to establish Houseworks as a quality company in the area.

This isn't Ford's first crack at entreprenuership. He has run his own businesses before with varying degrees of success.

This time around Ford said he has a good perspective on what it takes to run a successful company. And with all the tools and credentials he needs, Ford just needs to find some work.

"I've been through recessions before and I know there's work out there," Ford said.

Ford has worked in construction since 1973. He fell into the trade sort of by accident. His first experience came when he agreed to help a family member shingle a barn. He liked the work and that led to him taking other building jobs. From there, a carpenter was born.

"I think it's fascinating. You get to use creativity and work with your hands," Ford said about carpentry.

Although he could retire, Ford has no intention of hanging up his tool belt and has confidence that his latest endeavor will payoff in the end.

"I'll work til I'm 100 if I can," Ford said with a chuckle.

Ford said throughout the project, whatever it might be, he will work closely with his customers to meet their needs. Additionally he said the projects will be done in a clean and professional manner.

"My whole focus is to make sure I'm taking care of my customers," said Ford.

Ford plans to spend the next year establishing himself and gaining customers. He is running the business out of his Rosemount home. He hopes to grow and hire additional carpenters to work with him.