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Rosemount's first clinic opened Monday

The black plastic chairs in the waiting room of Fairview Hospital's new Rosemount clinic are not supposed to be there.

There's nothing particularly wrong with the chairs. They're perfectly functional pieces of furniture. They're just not the furniture that was supposed to be in the room when the clinic opened its doors for the first time Monday. Those won't show up for another week or so.

As first-day hiccups go, clinic manager Dawn Baddeley can handle this one.

"Nothing fell off the wall. Nothing broke," Baddeley said. "We have a place to sit, but it's not in the style we intended."

Beyond the chairs and a few other minor details Baddeley is thrilled with the way things are going so far at the new clinic. The Fairview clinic, the first to open its doors in Rosemount, saw 12 patients Monday afternoon and had another full schedule Tuesday. Baddeley said the patients she's talked to so far seem to enjoy the convenience of having their doctors close to home. One patient in the waiting room Tuesday said she lives just down the street from the new clinic. Getting to the doctor now takes just five minutes.

"We're hearing about convenience and we're hearing about how pretty the place looks and how spacious it feels," Baddeley said.

Baddeley's a fan of the building's aesthetics, too.

"It has a very calm feel to it. It's quiet, but yet well supplied with everything we need to get the job done," she said.

The building is nice. The walls are brown and there are wood accents. Fairview has applied to the US Green Building Council for LEED certification, an indication the building was designed with the environment in mind. Wall coverings and carpet contain recycled material and all of the building material comes from within 500 miles of the clinic.

The clinic has 12 exam rooms and space for as many as five doctors. There are two working now and the clinic is in the process of recruiting a third. Baddeley hopes to have someone on the job soon.

Medical records are kept electronically. The only time paper enters the process is when doctors print something out for their patients to take home. X-rays are digital.

The clinic, which will be open from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday and until 6 p.m. Tuesday, will specialize in family practice.

The new clinic is located at 15075 Cimarron Ave. The phone number is 651-322-8800.

Institute for Athletic Medicine

Fairview Clinic isn't the only care provider that opened its doors for the first time Monday. The Institute for Athletic Medicine, a physical therapy clinic, occupies about 2,000 square feet of the 10,00-square-foot clinic building.

IAM, which provides athletic trainers for Rosemount High School sports, has clinics in Eagan, Apple Valley, Burnsville and Lakeville. Director Debra Weise said coming to Rosemount along with Fairview made sense.

"We see a lot of patients who live in Rosemount," Weise said. "It just sort of seemed like a natural fit."

IAM provides general physical therapy for injured athletes or people who've thrown out their back shoveling. They handle broken bones or rotator cuff injuries.

"We see numerous athletes with sprained ankles and post-surgery," Weise said. "We also see just that general musculoskeletal injury or problem.

IAM currently has a therapist and therapy assistant in Rosemount and could grow to four or five providers.

Weise said the clinic had a full patient load Monday afternoon.