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Rosemount business has the total package

On Biscayne Avenue, right before you hit the dirt road, sits a little strip mall. On the North end of that mall is PCE Packaging. And while most in Rosemount probably haven't heard of it before it is a growing, thriving business.

PCE Packaging, 2520 151st Ct., opened its Rosemount facility last summer. The company, which makes packaging products, moved its headquarters to town from Bloomington, where owner Ron Robinson once ran the flourishing company out of his home.

The company provides a wide variety of presentation packaging materials to clients such as Brims Snack Foods and Barrel of Fun Snack Foods. Whether for retail or point of purchase displays, sales manager John Penker said, the company specializes in up to 10 color processes and offers private labels.

One example of the company's product is the zip lock packaging Target's Archer Farms tortilla chips come in. The company offers products including boxes, labels, mailing envelopes, poly bags and much more.

The company moved to Rosemount for several reasons. Penker said the price was right for the location, which includes warehouse space the company needs, and they liked the location because of its proximity to major interstates in the Twin Cities.

"It's kind of a hidden treasure," said Robinson.

Robinson has been selling packaging for more than 20 years. He started in the industry in Ohio. As his clientele in the Twin Cities grew he made the decision to move north. The Minnesota winters and the ample snowmobiling opportunities helped solidify the decision.

"We really love Minnesota," said Robinson, an avid snowmobiler.

After moving to Minnesota he ran PCE out of his home in Bloomington for a while. As the business began to grow he hired some help and moved the company into an office space in Bloomington.

A few more years of growth necessitated the recent move to Rosemount. PCE now employs eight people.

"We have been growing by about 40 percent a year," said Robinson. He said word of mouth referrals over the years have led to the companies growth.

While the company serves people nationwide, Robinson said they hope to become a big supplier of packaging in the Twin Cities.

"From mom and pops to private labels we want to serve them all," Robinson said.

In addition to moving to Rosemount the company also launched a new web site that offers more than 1,000 products. To reduce wasted the company does not send out a catalog. Customers can get products through the web site or by calling PCE and working with one of the companies sales representatives. Robinson said with the new web site the company is blending old school customer service with green technology to best serve customers and to be a responsible company.

Robinson takes pride in the fact his company is family owned. In fact he named it after his children Payne, Cameron and Eliza.

That sense of family spills into the workplace. Penker said they are a pretty close knit group. Penker is one of Robinson's childhood friends. Penker, who used to work for a mortgage company, moved to Minnesota from Ohio to work at PCE Packaging.

For more information on PCE Packaging visit or call 651-322-7577.