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Fitness in your living room

Personal trainer Chris Dixon loves exercise. Talking about it makes him giddy and it's hard not to share in his excitement. Just talking with him makes you want to do some pushups or run somewhere.

That's why in a down economy when people don't have a lot of extra spending money he's thriving.

Dixon owns Insider Training, an in-home personal training company based out of Rosemount. And while he'll kick a butt into shape, Dixon said his clients can be sure they'll have some fun doing it.

His clients range from those who have never exercised to marathon runners. The common link among his clients, he said, is they want to see results that last. Using science, Dixon provides that. Dixon isn't some muscled up baboon who yells at people. He has a master's degree in sports and exercise science from the University of Minnesota and holds numerous certifications from different exercise organizations.

He takes the health of his clients seriously so he doesn't toy around with unproven methods.

"Everything we do is science based," said Dixon.

That means no fad diets.

Dixon started Insider Training two years ago. After working for several metro health clubs, Dixon decided there had to be a better way to reach out and educate people.

So instead of having them come to the gym, he travels to them with all the equipment one could need to get a good workout.

"It eliminates excuses for people and it saves a lot of time," said Dixon of in-home training.

To get people started Dixon does a comprehensive fitness assessment. Through the assessment Dixon determines a person's fitness level including body composition, cardiovascular ability, blood pressure, resting heart rate and flexibility. In addition he takes into account any previous injuries or medical considerations.

"People are usually pretty interested in what we find," said Dixon.

With the results of the assessment Dixon creates a personalized exercise program to fit the individual's wants and needs.

Along with the exercise program Dixon does a thorough nutrition assessment for his clients. He asks clients to keep a food log. From that Dixon and the client set caloric goals to reach their weight loss targets. For those who are specifically want to lose weight Dixon said this service is especially helpful.

"We talk in great detail about nutrition which I would say is the hard part," Dixon said.

Since most people don't have home gyms Dixon brings everything with him. Working out at home doesn't take much room so he said clients can do it in just about any room in their home.

"People are amazed how much you can do at home," he said.

Depending on a person's needs and desires Dixon said they use a wide variety of exercises. From pilates, to jogging to aerobics Dixon uses it all. He said he also takes into consideration what his clients like.

"Everything can be modified, the client is in control," said Dixon.

Exercise is an important part of Dixon's life and he enjoys spreading that joy to others. Dixon serves a variety of people and can tailor programs for anyone from the most die hard athlete to the most die hard couch potato.

Having a personal trainer is cheaper than most people think, Dixon said. He said prices compare to those at the gym and for the convenience he said it's well worth it. To accommodate his clients Dixon offers various packages at different rates.

Currently Insider Training has one other trainer, Donnie Kjelden. Dixon said he is looking to hire additional trainers in the near future because he has been so busy. He tries to find trainers who share in his philosophies and have an exercise education background.

"I've been mostly looking at local schools," said Dixon of his search for more qualified trainers.

For more information on Insider Training visit or call 612-432-1021.