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City working to keep businesses in town

Over the last several years the city of Rosemount has spent a lot of effort and money trying to attract businesses to town. While the city will keep doing that, developing a better relationship with the current business community is becoming more of a priority.

In its 2008 goals the city council identified economic development as a top priority. Part of that goal is making sure the businesses in the city are thriving and getting what they need from the city. To help ensure that the city has created a business retention program.

"This is a cornerstone of economic development," community development director Kim Lindquist said of the retention program. "We spent a lot of time attracting businesses and now we want to make sure we are keeping them."

The city will kick off its new program with an appreciation luncheon Nov. 20. The luncheon will be held in the Rosemount Community Center banquet room starting at 11:30 with a brief social time. During the event mayor Bill Droste will give a presentation.

Droste said he will give an overview at the luncheon of what's going on at the city level and share details of individual projects. In addition he will explain the retention program.

The exact role of the program is still being decided. Droste said the city is gauging what businesses in the community need and how it could work with them better.

"Maybe we'll put together some links that maybe the city isn't doing," said Droste.

The event, which will be the first of its kind in Rosemount, could become an annual event said Lindquist.

A buffet lunch will be served. The lunch will feature ham, roast beef, potatoes and various salads.

More than 200 businesses will be invited to attend the event. The list was compiled from existing historic information and then changes in the businesses as read in the local papers, from the chamber of commerce and information through city permit applications.

While she said they have tried to hunt down all the businesses they can Lindquist said they may have missed some especially home based businesses. She said any business that does not receive an invitation but wants to, should call city hall at 651-423-4411.